This is why I do it. One part of the video was shot at a unique location: inside a cold, dark nuclear fallout shelter, symbolizing the "safest" and one of the most feared places for humans. Many animals are forcibly held in places that are also cold, dark and far away from life. However, they are totally unsafe, unprotected and brutally butchered there. From there, their cries cannot be easily heard. The video also shows that hip-hop can stay true to its original intention and act as a catalyst for positive change and not be inspired by "fame & bitches" as it often is these days.

CALL 911

CALL 911 is a story of three kidnapped and abused animals (duck Mullard, monkey Macaque and APBT) who share their stories: their confusion, disappointment and anger. This video also symbolically shows that their stores are similar to our human stories, as we are also controlled and manipulated by forces that feed on our inability to see their evil influence. The song stands against foie gras industry, vivisection, animal experimentation and dog fighting.

IFEEL Veganmania tour 2013 @ Wien (Vienna), Austria

IFEEL Veganmania tour 2013 @ Winterthur, Switzerland & visit to animal sanctuary Stinah


JA SAM REA (I AM REA) is a dog revolution song. Read more about JA SAM REA movement.

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