IFEEL Veganmania tour

Summer 2013 


It's on! IFEEL Veganmania four-city European tour this summer. I will be performing at one of the most passionate vegan festivals in Europe: Veganmania. During my tour, I will be visiting animal sanctuaries in the same cities I will perform in, to meet the people and animals at the sanctuary, shoot a video to show the world what they do and give them my new CD ANIMAL IN ME. Let's go!
IFEEL Veganmania 2013 Summer Tour
Rapper IFEEL at Veganmania Switzerland
Rapper IFEEL at Veganmania Vienna
IFEEL Veganmania tour @ Vienna, Austria

And a visit to animal sanctuary Lebenshof Fides

Austria was next. The show was great, people awesome and vegan food most amazing! I rapped CALL 911 from the pig gestation crate. One brave activist saved me from the cage at the end of the song. Check out the video from the show and see the photos. The day after, we went to the animal sanctuary Lebenshof Fides near Graz, where we met Gertraud and Karl and their animal friends. Of course there is a video from the sanctuary! And a whole lot of awesome photos.
IFEEL Veganmania tour @ Winterthur, Switzerland

And a visit to animal sanctuary STINAH

The tour kicked off in Winterthur, Switzerland. It was the coldest summer day ever with lots of rain, but the energy of the crowd was amazing! I met lots of great animal rights activists and other animal lovers. Check out the photos from the show. I also visited an amazing animal sanctuary near Zurich: STINAH. There, I met and talked with Claudia, Christof and several awesome volunteers and had some intimate moments with their animal friends. Here are the photos. Here is the video from the show and sanctuary. Please help STINAH (link under video).
IFEEL Veganmania tour @ Klagenfurt, Austria

And a visit to animal sanctuary TIKO

Something real weird happened in Klagenfurt. When I went on stage, there was not a cloud in the sky - a nice, sunny day. Then, right after my last song, WE GOIN TO WAR, all hell broke loose: heavy rain & thunderstorm blew everything around. Organizers knew exactly what to do: stay calm, take care of sh** and pass out some killer vegan beer. Great festival! The next day I went to TIKO. You just HAVE to see this awesome place! Watch the video. See the pics.
Rapper IFEEL at Anti-Fur Society Conference
Anti-Fur Society Conference 2013

Message for the generals

I was asked to be a part of the 2013 Anti-Fur Society Conference. The conference is organized by passionate animal rights activists at Anti-Fur Society. They are the warriors against use of animals for fur. This three-day event will feature over 30 speakers from the whole world, AR networking, education and entertainment. I shot a special video for the conference attendees - which will be shown at the conference, along with my music videos. Be there. Read a great article about my music as an announcement for the conference.
"Vegan hip hop artist proves it's macho to love animals"

New article

Here is a cool article about me and my music on the leading animal rights website Care2. I don't mind the title of the article. It's good to break the stereotypes. Stereotype # 1: "Rappers care only about money, women and fame." Stereotype # 2: "Vegans are weak, un-manly and unhealthy." 
IFEEL - CALL 911 music video
CALL 911 music video unleashed!

Abused animals make the call

Evil aliens, one duck, one monkey, one dog, one child, one woman, one man. Tomislav Stefanac production. The song stands against foie gras industry, vivisection and dog fighing. Check it out and share it.
Here are behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot!
Song lyrics posted online

Get the lyrics. Sing along.

You asked for it. Now all the lyrics are posted online. Follow this link and click on any song from the album.
IFEEL dog revolution against abuse
Dog revolution

Stand up for your rights

Iskra is a dog who was shot by a cowardly hunter. Now she is the leader of the dog revolution against animal abuse in Croatia. First we sparked the revolution by shooting my music video JA SAM REA (I AM REA) in a special dog sanctuary POBJEDE (pics from the shoot). Then we brought it to the people (see pics). After the premiere, we unleashed a website where people can learn how to help stop dog abuse in Croatia. Read more about this dog revolution.
IFEEL ANIMAL IN ME album release party
ANIMAL IN ME album unleashed!

Album released + album release party

After a long, creative and fruitful year in the studio, the album ANIMAL IN ME has finally been unleashed.
I had a great time with my fans at the album release party, where I performed most songs from the album. We also premiered my music video CALL 911. Check out the pics and video from the party. The album is available on www.MusicIFEEL.com, where you can listen and download it. The beast has been unleashed.
Before listening to the album, I recommend you read this to get a background info on the album.

IFEEL compassion postcard
Contest: your stories from the sanctuaries

Get a 100% certified compassionate beast postcard!

There is a contest for all my fans! Be one of the first 5 people who visit an animal sanctuary, take a photo with an animal that you "feel" and connect with and share that animal's story (and photo) with me by email! I will send you an IFEEL VEGAN postcard with the special compassion stamp and my message on it. Send the photo(s) and the animal's story to musicifeel@gmail.com.
IFEEL interview in the book Plant-Powered Men


There is a cool new book that just came out. It's called Plant-Powered Men and it features interviews and stories about inspiring vegan men worldwide. In the book, there are plenty of ideas and recipes for compassionate lifestyle. Inside the book you will find an interview with me. You can read about my vegan lifestyle. Check it out - grab the damn thing!
IFEEL - Plant-Powered Men
IFEEL protect me
IFEEL concert at animal sanctuary TIKO

Animals + music + the cause

Last weekend, I performed at TIKO, an amazing animal sanctuary in Klagenfurt, Austria. It was their annual Summerfest open house event. After my concert, I met many awesome animal rights activists and spent time with new dogs at TIKO. I found out that many of the animals I met last time I was at TIKO have found loving new homes. Such news are always great to hear in a sanctuary. Here are the pics and video.
IFEEL - music video I AM
New music video I AM unleashed!

A clear message from abused animals

A new music video was just unleashed! I AM music video is about all the things that we (humans) have taken away from animals: their homes, their children, their dignity, their lives. It is a reminder of our collective lack of compassion for those amazing beings and a call to reconnect with them. When we truly feel them and witness their incredible suffering, we might rediscover our compassionate nature. Drop the weapon. Feel alive again. Click here to watch the video.
IFEEL Veganmania Zagreb
IFEEL kidnapped and caged on stage

Veganmania concert @ ZaGeVege festival in Zagreb

What a way to start a concert! Kidnapped and caged, left only with a mic. I started the concert with my song CALL 911, which I performed from inside the cage - to give voice to all kidnapped, tortured and murdered caged animals. The awesome activist Andrea saved me at the end of the song. The performance got a lot of attention at the festival. That was the point of the performance;)
Check out the photos from the concert.
IFEEL - Gene Baur testimonial
Gene Baur listens to IFEEL, too

Farm Sanctuary President and his staff "feel" it

OK, hunters and animal abusers hate me, but who gives a damn about what they think when there are awesome people feelin' my music! I've just received some real nice words from Gene Baur, the President and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary. I love what they do for animals. Check out their powerful What Did You Do? campaign and join in! You can read the testimonial here.
Concert at NOcageARTfest

On stage in Toulouse, France next month

I will be performing at a mindblowing festival next month in Toulouse, France. This will be a very special performance. If you are in Europe, make sure to be there. Here is the official flyer and HERE you can read more about the NOcageARTfest.
IFEEL NOcageARTfest 2013
New article on Examiner.com

Music for the mind, clean fuel for the body, action for the soul

There is a great new article about my music, my 2013 Veganmania Tour and my vegan lifestyle.
The article writes about why I performed CALL 911 in the cage, what does it mean to be "vegan fit," why I love animal sanctuaries and what's my vegan mentality. Read the article on Examiner.
IFEEL Examiner.com

Message. Body. Food. Sanctuaries. 

I have created this video to share my vegan story with you, my fans. It's about my music, taking care of the body, eating compassionately and staying in touch with why I create music. Here it is.
IFEEL - Stray dog's story
Stray dog's story

World Animal Day video  

We shot a video for World Animal Day - from a stray dog's perspective. Imagine life from his point of view. The video shows his curiosity, pain, fears and his ultimate destiny. Check out the video here. Please help stray dogs in any way you can. Visit a shelter. Donate. Stop abusers. Be a general.
IFEEL - Duck Mullard's story
Duck Mullard speaks up

Duck Mullard speaks up against foie gras

Duck Mullard has a story to tell. Hear him and help stop evil foie gras industry. Click here.
Concert in Toulouse, France

Gathering of the generals at NOcageARTfest

NOcageARTfest was not your regular festival. It was a revolution... French-style. Gathering of the generals. The compassion bomb. Here are the pics to prove it.


Click on the compassion sticker                                     to get a surprise compassion link!

IFEEL compassion sticker - CLICK!

New music. New videos. New projects. Compassion. Concerts. Contests.


Barking loud for stray dogs in Romania and abused dogs worldwide

I helped raise awareness about the horrible mass dog killings in Romania. Check out the video and photos to see what went down. The barks from the beginning of the video are OUR (human) barks during the concert. Paws in the air.

New song and music video release

This is what happens when you cannot tolerate abusers any more. See a story about Dada and her way of dealing with abusers. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

A very special summer in Germany

I have just returned from my summer tour in Germany - where I took off my human mask, barked, told animal stories, visited a very special old friend, met many cool humanimals and ate lots of great vegan food. See what exactly happened in Germany. No words can describe it >>> CLICK HERE!

Vegan anthem released

My vegan life music video breaks stereotypes about vegans. And proves that vegans and non-vegans can get along. There were 40 vegans and non-vegans on the shoot. See real life stories of 10 vegans and watch what happens when you put vegans, nonvegans and 8 dogs in a music video shoot. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!
IFEEL MEET ME Indiegogo campaign unleashed!

Join the movement and help me do more

I have unleashed the MEET ME campaign on Indiegogo! Yes, I am raising funds for my next project: new EP and a mindblowing new video that will help change the way we see animals! Help me make this happen. I have some serious perks for you on the Indiegogo campaign page. GO SEE IT!
IFEEL concert at Munich Veganmania
Concert at Munich Veganmania festival

My first concert in Germany

I had my first concert in Germany. Very awesome crowd, great activists, German-style organization (everything running smoothly :) and great vegan food! I performed CALL 911 from the cage, again. This was a great experience for me and I'm so happy to have met my German fans... CHECK IT OUT!
IFEEL in Vegan Health and Fitness magazine
IFEEL VEGAN article in Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine

Awesome article about me and my musical movement for compassion

I am honored to be in the newest issue of the Vegan Health and Fitness magazine, which comes out worldwide in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, South Africa and Malaysia. So great to be in there with fellow awesome vegan animal rights fighters. Grab it! CLICK HERE.
World Animal Day CHALLENGE!
World Animal Day Challenge

Join me in making October 4th a day to remember

It is an honor to be a World Animal Day Ambassador for a movement that speaks up for all animals. I invite you to join me in celebrating World Animal Day in a fun, memorable way.
Hanging out with the dogs and kids at Dumovec
Photoshoot and concert for compassion

Promoting adoption and rapping at a no-kill dog shelter Dumovec

Imagine having an opportunity to inspire the young generation of animal lovers. I had one :) I went to a no-kill dog shelter Dumovec to talk about love for the animals, hang out with the dogs, do a photoshoot to promote adoption of the "invisible" dogs and to rap for the kids. See it all here. 

Vegan Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

World-known event turned vegan - in the place where Oktoberfest originated - Munich, Germany.
I was invited to have a concert there. Of course THE BEAR had to go and put people in the cage - all in the name of compassion revolution. SEE THE PICS & GET THE STORY. CLICK!
STOP KILLING DOGS concert in Brussels

Concert at a mass demonstration in Brussels, Belgium

I took part in the mass demonstration against dog killing in Rumania. This happened in Brussels - right in front of the EU parliament. It was awesome to perform for the people who came from all over Europe to take a stand for animals. CLICK TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED.
New music video unleashed: NOVE POBJEDE (New Victories)

A big THANK YOU to all volunteers at no-kill shelters

One abandoned dog. One forgotten cat. Hear their story. When all you have left is hope. And those who care. This song and video are dedicated to all abandoned, abused and forgotten dogs and cats... and volunteers at no-kill shelters. Thank you for all you do. Photo by Gordana Popović. Video directed by Anita Nadj and Mario Vukelić. WATCH THE VIDEO!
New song and video STILL MEAT

Still abused. Still tortured. Still murdered.

The song is written from the abused animals' point of view. The cow on the left is Tetica, a cow saved from a factory farm. Let her and other hurt animals tell you their story. The beat is from Dr Dre's song Still D.R.E. - classic gangsta beat turned into an animal dignity song. Lyrics are posted below the video on YouTube. WATCH THE VIDEO!
MEET ME released!

Single MEET ME has been unleashed

The feeling one gets from connecting with another being is priceless. That is what I mean when I say: „Sacrifice nothing and get everything.“ By understanding, empathizing and helping another being, we become truly alive. And that is pure magic that feels great - on all levels. Little effort is needed and nothing is lost. But much is gained. Hear MEET ME on iTunes. CLICK!

Feel. Reconnect.

Imagine life from a pig's point of view. See Superljilja's story. WATCH HERE!

How long could we stay in a car in the middle of a hot summer day?

Imagine being locked in a car in the middle of a hot summer day... we did it to see how dogs feel when left in hot cars. It was hell. Please don't leave dogs alone in cars! See what happened and share with your friends with dogs (CLICK HERE!)
Concert at Earth Peace Day + trip to a sanctuary

Music + animals

Had a great concert in Augsburg, Germany! CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS. The next day I was lucky to go to an animal sanctuary Uberslebenhof Scottmaring where I met Sissy. Sissy managed to escape from a slaughterhouse seven days before we met. Sissy and I ran 30 meters together and she got soooo out of breath that she had to lay down and catch her breath. In the cage where she lived from birth she never had a change to run, so her heart could not handle so much running. SEE A SHORT VIDEO WITH SISSY.

Premiere of my vegan anthem MY VEGAN LIFE

Berlin Vegan Summer festival is THE place to see, touch and feel. If you have not been there yet, plan to come. I had a concert there as well as a presentation about how to live a healthy, fun compassionate lifestyle. SEE WHAT HAPPENED. CLICK!
IFEEL GOOD tour (compassion + fit lifestyle + concerts)

Compassion tour

4 cities. 8 events. I did a tour in 4 cities (Zagreb, Maribor, Munich and Berlin), where I did IFEEL GOOD parties (talked about animals in sanctuaries, compassion, healthy fit lifestyle, cooked and had a concert), did vegan mannequin challenges and had concerts. 1 week of action. SEE IT HERE!